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About Us

Making waitress aprons is much more than a business for us.

Handcrafting aprons is a passion and not just a business. Quite a few years ago I decided to make some waitress aprons as Christmas gifts to give to some very special servers that we grew to know in a diner and had become good friends.

I tried to match their personalities with the designs and they all lit up with big smiles, showed everyone how it matched them, and were so appreciative. Hence, that is when I became known as Lady Pizazz. As I got to know each of them better, I learned how important waitress tips were to their income.

After doing some research, I discovered how important it is for the customer to know their names. So ALL of our aprons are personalized with YOUR name for FREE. Follow Our Blog to learn more Tips on Improving Tips.

Our goal is to make personalized aprons that add pizazz to the waitress uniform.

At the same time, we want to match your personality and help you improve waitress tips by following proven measures to be successful. Join our blog and learn more. If you feel good about yourself, your customer knows it.

Creativity is fun

Restaurant owners may have a theme or message they want displayed by their servers, We embroider aprons with designs, messages, and names. I have so much pleasure going to a restaurant anywhere in the US and see aprons handcrafted by me and worn by smiling servers. That’s my reward! You can identify Lady Pizazz aprons with the little heart sewn on the top corner of the pocket.

We want 100% satisfaction

We want you to be delighted with your apron and have it lift you up for another day at work.

Returns – Satisfaction Guarantee. Return within 14 days for full refund. Buyer pays return shipping. Special orders and clearance items not returnable.

Customer Care

We want you to be delighted with your apron.

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If you have any questions or special requests, contact us at

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