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Increasing earnings in the key.  Waitress tips is the bread and butter for the waitress, waiter and server. Our goal is to design aprons that fit the servers’ personality and personalize the aprons for FREE. This aids in the customer knowing their name, The blog will present researched ideas to improve waitress earnings and discuss with servers their successes in the field both utilizing the art and science as a server.

Wrong Food Order – What To Do?

Wrong Food Order? What could be the best way to handle it. I wish that when a server finds out that the order is wrong that they would just say "I'm sorry, I'll fix it" and then go get the correct food.  That is soooo much better than asking the customer (...

Waitress Tips Increased

Improving Waitress Tips   Our goal is to share ideas on improving waitress tips.  And we want to hear about your experiences and successes.  We know that there is an art to being a server in a restaurant.  However, there is also research to help the server connect...

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