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Our goal is to share ideas on improving waitress tips.  And we want to hear about your experiences and successes.  We know that there is an art to being a server in a restaurant.  However, there is also research to help the server connect with their customers and improve waitress tips.  My name is Andrea and  knowing that tips are the bread and butter of  waitresses’ income, The Waitress Apron Store over the next several months will communicate the top 10 tips to improve waitress tips we discovered and we want to hear from you  to share your experiences and successes too.

The Top Two Waitress Tips for This Month –
Wear an item that stands out or tastefully draws attention to you

First tip to improve waitress tips is to add pizazz to your uniform.  Most restaurants have a dress code for what you wear but your apron is often left up to your choice.  However, apron designs can make you stand out.  It can show your personality.  Perhaps it can show the theme of the diner or cafe.  And it can promote a cause like loving dogs.  But most of all, it can make you tastefully standout.  Browse thru our aprons and see which ones fit your personality.  We have taken the top 2 waitress tips for this month and incorporated them into our apron designs to make it effortless for the waitress or waiter.  Also, to stand out even a little bit more, you can add a matching or sparkling head band and even have sparkle on your order book if you want to take it a little further.  You want to look professional but still standout.

 Find ways for the customer to remember your name.

Second tip to improve waitress tips  is to have an apron personalized with your name.  I love to add pizazz to uniforms that is why they call me Lady Pizazz.  We suggest an apron pattern that fits your personality with your name personalized on it.  Even patrons that have a hard time remembering names can easily see your name every time you pass by and feel comfortable talking with you.  Customers that feel a connection to their server return to the restaurant for that reason.  And research by Mike Lynn shows that when they know your name they give bigger tips then they would to a stranger.   It seems simple but sometimes the simplest of ideas make the biggest impact.

Express your personality in a meaningful way.

October is Fight for the Cure month.  Perhaps you choose an apron that supports a cause that is meaningful to you and others.
Waitress tips - picture of a pink ribbon apron   October is Fight for the Cure Month  Waitress tips - picture of a pink headband

Let’s start a dialogue among servers sharing our thoughts and ideas on  successes that have worked for you and ideas that you can try. The Waitress Apron Store will be talking about the top 10 tips to improve waitress tips in the months to come.  Let’s see how many waitresses and waiters have already incorporated them into their practice.  Come join us in this dialogue.

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