Wrong Food Order – What To Do?

plate of eggsWrong Food Order? What could be the best way to handle it. I wish that when a server finds out that the order is wrong that they would just say “I’m sorry, I’ll fix it” and then go get the correct food.  That is soooo much better than asking the customer ( example: received ham instead crispy bacon)  “Do you want me to get you the bacon?”   A customer that says “No I’ll eat this” will probably leave unhappy.  If the server just goes without asking and corrects the order, they will be satisfied.  What do you think?

8 responses to “Wrong Food Order – What To Do?

  1. I agree if the waiter or waitress knows it’s wrong to go ahead before the bring it to the table then everybody’s happy everybody’s happy

  2. Great question! I would like my order corrected without excuse or dialogue. Trouble is that part of the dining experience is tarnished because now the rest of my party either has to wait to eat (their food gets cold) for my correct order to arrive or eat in front of me. If something has to be remade or recooked how about providing a quick appetizer or soup for me so everyone at the table has something and can begin the dining experience.

  3. Though plenty of those suggestions so sound great lots of times the waitress is unable to do certain things. In some cases the waitress is only allowed to tell a manager the problem and the manager decides what they will do with each situation.

    I did like the idea of taking the plate straight to the back to correct instead of leaving it there. Though sometimes that is done so the customer does not have to sit there without food.

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